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Unusual dice

Dice is one of the most fascinating of human inventions: a geometrically perfect cube, on which the 6 sides are numbered with one to six points. And nevertheless … Did you Know that other elements, such as knuckle bones, shells or sticks, can act as dice? Come and discover a new way of playing dice during this workshop.

This workshop is easily adapted to the age of the participants. For children, the way these dice work is explained and applied to several simple games. For teenagers and adults, it is possible to broaden the subject by approaching more complex games of chance and some notions of probability applied to the universe of game.


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Jennifer Genovese

Swiss Museum of Games
Au château
CH-1814 La Tour-de-Peilz

T. +41 21 977 23 03
F. +41 21 977 23 07


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TUE-SUN, 11:00 - 17:30

Open on :
- Easter Monday 17.4.2017
- Ascension Day 25.5.2017
- Whit Monday 5.6.2017
- "Jeûne Fédéral" 18.9.2017
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