Entertaining workshops

Our workshops are intended for children, including schools, as well as adults; they are adaptable to various age groups, expectations and the needs of teachers and / or the person in charge of a group. 

These workshops aim to achieve the following objectives: 
· Discovering other cultures in the world through games and - especially - other ways of playing 
· Learning to collaborate with other players and to respect ones opponent 
· Developing strategy and anticipation 
· Helping to develop dexterity 
· Offering a fun interlude to share with companions, colleagues or friends...
The workshop, which lasts 1 ½ hours, begins with a short discovery tour of the Museum, this visit is generally centred on the chosen theme for the workshop. (See below for the list of themes.)

Age : from 7 years
Length : 1 ½ hours
Price : on request

Compulsory booking - 021 977 23 00

1+1 = Games and mathematics

Are mathematics boring? Not necessarily... Come and discover maths without complex and - more importantly - in a relaxed fun way. The games proposed in this workshop, adapted to the age of the participants, will allow you to review some big mathematical riddles and other simple and intriguing problems. For example discover: the game of Hex, knuckle bones, the game of "boule" (like roulette) (probabilities in games of chance) or awale. 

This workshop is ideal for children over 7 years old and adults who would like to discover mathematics in a light and entertaining way.

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Awale, the symbol of Africa

Awale is a very singular game: it is played with seeds which are moved on a wooden game board ... because of this it is placed in a very specific category of games: sowing games.

Symbol of Africa, the quality of this game lies in its simple rules and strategy which enable fascinating matches in a short space of time. This is the reason this workshop addresses children as well as adults.

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China and games

China possesses a rich game culture. Indeed, it is there that were born certain "great game classics", such as Go or Mahjongg. During this workshop, you can learn simple and quick Chinese games such as the Jungle Game, Shap Luk Kon Tseung Kwan or Tangram.

For groups of teenagers and adults, it is possible to organise an initiation to the games of Go or Mahjongg, by prearrangement.

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Forgotten games of Antiquity

Antique civilizations - be it Pharaonic Egypt or Mesopotamia - have always captured our imagination. Well known for their prodigious architectural realizations or their illustrious characters, these civilizations are less known for their game culture, even though it is very rich. So, come and discover some symbolic games of these periods, such as Senet, Mehen, the Royal game of Ur or the game of Twenty Squares.

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India - Land of games

India is a mysterious and fascinating country. Did you know that it is also called the " cradle of games "? This workshop will help you to discover why this name has been attributed... You will have the opportunity to learn about Pachisi, about Bagh Chal or about Param Pada Sopanam. Under these very exotic names are hidden simple and well known games.

This workshop is adapted to children as well as adults who wish to discover a distant country in a original way - through its games.

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String games

String games, a great schoolyard classic... A string and a little dexterity are all you need to realize all sorts of figures, from the simplest to the most complex. 

This activity, which appears to be a fun worldwide cultural phenomenon, will help you develop your coordination and memory. Adapted to all ages, during this workshop you will discover figures from all over the world...

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Unusual dice

Dice is one of the most fascinating of human inventions: a geometrically perfect cube, on which the 6 sides are numbered with one to six points. And nevertheless … Did you Know that other elements, such as knuckle bones, shells or sticks, can act as dice? Come and discover a new way of playing dice during this workshop.

This workshop is easily adapted to the age of the participants. For children, the way these dice work is explained and applied to several simple games. For teenagers and adults, it is possible to broaden the subject by approaching more complex games of chance and some notions of probability applied to the universe of game.

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Veni, vidi, ludo : Roman games

Feel like a Roman with our new workshop on Roman games which will initiate you in the game world of their time....

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